Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Our Immigration and Sponsorship Services Explained

With some of the biggest and best global companies being clients of ours, we are India’s leading international recruitment, staffing and training company. As well as offering our recruitment services across all of India’s major metropolitan areas, we also service the UK, the USA, Canada and a selection of the Gulf States. We have been established for many years in the UK in particular, and work with a wide range of businesses supplying an array of high calibre staff.


With rigorous selection processes and the best and brightest candidates in the industry, we are able to offer a full recruitment service in a range of hospitality areas, including:

Hotels and resorts – In the UK we work with some of the largest chains as well as some of the most exclusive independent boutique hotels. With a longstanding and proud reputation in this sector, we are capable of providing a wide range of staff of the very highest calibre, from domestic staff through to skilled chefs and management.

Restaurants – With many years’ experience of providing staff to restaurants across the UK, from small family run concerns to some of the country’s most exclusive and best known establishments. We are able to provide the very best managers, chefs, waiting on staff and kitchen assistants.

Working with our clients, we identify their precise needs and provide them with specialized recruitment solutions that are both timely and in-line with their requirements. We work with some of the leading hotel chains and hospitality companies around the world and are able to supply candidates with a range of different skills and experience, and will ensure that candidates are suitably qualified.

We are able to assist our clients with a range of immigration advice and services, including:

• Tier 1 – investors/entrepreneurs/exceptional talent
• Tier 2 – skilled workers with a definite UK job offer
• Tier 3 – low skilled workers
• Tier 4 – student visas
• Tier 5 – temporary workers/youth mobility
• Indefinite leave to remain
• Citizenship

For clients that are providing their own candidate and wish to use our immigration and sponsorship services, we will charge only for the services provided. However, we would recommend that candidates are sourced through ourselves, meaning that we can look after the entire process for you and ensuring that the whole process is as easy and as efficient as possible.

For this, there will be a recruitment fee charged, but you can rest assured that any candidate sourced by ourselves has been through a rigorous selection procedure, and has been carefully handpicked to meet your exact requirements.

For more information on both our recruitment and immigration and sponsorship services, please call us on 0870 9909007 or email us at We will be delighted to answer any queries that you may have.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

7 Traits to Consider in Choosing the Right Recruitment Consultant

As the demand for headhunters and recruitment consultants rises, progressively more individuals are initiating their career in the recruitment industry. For job-seekers out there, it has turned into a challenge to find the right recruiter, one that will comprehend the need and give the employment one wishes.

Periodically, your resume is tossed into the heaps of more resumes. You will be considered as one of them. However, that is not what you require. You require a recruitment consultant who will help you with your choices, give you a sound opinion and deal with your needs. You require consultants who will genuinely help you, not the one who just has the customers' best concern at heart.

7 Traits of Recruitment Consultants

To help find and choose the right consultant, we have listed 7 traits you ought to consider.

  1. Shows a genuine interest in you
Most of the time, you are just a name in their database, someone who they will include in their short list if your eligibility meet the needs of their client. They won't think about you until there's a need to get in touch with you. However a good recruitment consultant is the one, who will take much time to get to recognize you, your requirements and your skills even before there is an employment opportunity. They would need to keep you in their valuable side and be accessible once there is a good prospect.

  1. Knowledgeable about the market
The right consultant knows which job is suitable for you. Most recruitment consultants acknowledge clients without adequate knowledge so, they couldn't give their candidates the full story. These folks will just offer you the standard job expectations with no thought of what they're really about. A great recruitment expert knows the market of the business and the business in general.

  1. Understands the demands of the client
They don't simply guarantee you and give you high belief in your fantasy job. They will let you know what the client needs. You can believe them, to be honest. Most experts will overstate and overpromise to make sure they can have somebody who is sufficiently able to go to the interview. A great recruitment consultant will brief you about the requisites of the clients. They will even let you know the things that their client didn't specify which means they know the actual requirements of the position. And you'll be very much educated.

  1. Gives you sound advice
They are your experts, after all they will offer you their support. They will give you a thought of what you are entering yourself into. They're not simply somebody who will reach you with an anonymous client. They will take an ideal opportunity to let you know about the openings in the organizations matching your profile.

  1. Manage your hopes and ideals
Some will ride you on the false beliefs of a job, give you a false impression that you are in, for the long run. A great recruitment expert will let you know where you are in their database, what your choices are. They'll let you know whether your expected remuneration is too high or excessively unattainable.

  1. Open to your questions
Some recruitment advisors will give you the blind spot. They won't let you know everything, you'll just discover once you've settled into the position. A great recruitment expert will clarify all your doubts, gives you the real picture and fulfill your dreams.

  1. Return your calls
Most advisors just reject you until the time they require you. You won't know whether they have actually gone through your resume. Yet, a great recruitment advisor will give back your calls. Calls are the most straightforward approach to demonstrate you that they give it a second thought and they are willing to take time to get to know you.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Why Engage a Food Service Consultant

These days, guests frequent new restaurants to try new foods and different cuisines with which they are not familiar. People are attracted by a good ambience as well as good food. A food service consultant can add immense value creating unique concepts and help entrepreneurs enhance customer experience.

The intelligent diner today is demanding healthy choices. Restaurant consultants can help you design a menu keeping this in mind, highlighting lighter options and allergens. A consultant can also create a master recipe manual, which is a compilation of standardized recipes (SOP’s), required ingredients, portion sizes and detailed production methods. The manual will also have photographs for training purposes which will help you scale up quickly and effectively keeping portions and costs under control. The manual will also include ingredient sourcing and specification from reliable vendors. The point is to deliver reliable and consistent profits.

Most consultants undertake kitchen operating procedures and the location and positioning of your kitchen equipment. So, you can have optimum efficiency in plate to table delivery. The consultant can also give you suggestions on adding supplementary kitchen equipment and organize staff training for using & maintaining the equipment.  They provide guidance on other areas like food handling and safety regulations.

We advise you to visit the websites of consultants to see their range of expertise and experience and their associates and outsourced vendors such as a  design team for creative, logos and collaterals, PR and marketing, brand development and strategy, interior designers, bar innovations, development chef etc.

Food service consultants who are chefs know the challenges you will face so they will be able to advise you properly. In case your restaurant is struggling, they can help you identify the problem areas and find solutions.

The right food consultant is an efficient and cost effective way to a successful food business.  They bring in expertise, knowledge and a fresh and candid approach with no hidden agendas.  It is in their interest to make your business grow.

Vira International has several years of experience working with Entrepreneurs and restaurateurs in conjunction with food consultants, for new projects as well as rejuvenating old businesses.  We would be happy to recommend a reliable and experienced consultant who can assist you in areas you need advice and guidance in. For more details, email !