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USA Internship Program by Vira International

“I’m already starting to gain great insights as to how the Hospitality industry works”

“Fantastic opportunities, lots of encouragement & superb guidance”

An internship helps tremendously in fast tracking your career growth. It has a great deal to offer and reaping its benefits will bring you substantially closer to perfecting your social and work related skills. In a nutshell, this is what our J1 USA internship program offers aspiring hoteliers.

Experiencing a cross-border work ethic and environment is truly a unique experience. It is not only about being in another country or meeting new people but primarily focuses on what you learn, how you adapt to new cultures and assimilate knowledge, new cuisines, new social customs, new languages and last but not least, enhances your creativity. The USA internship program is a once in a lifetime opportunity for talented students and graduates to experience the best that the world of hospitality has to offer!

Focusing on these advantages, we encourage and support Hospitality institutions in India, the UK & EU to participate in our J1 USA internship program.

Simple Steps to participate in our J1 USA program:

Valid for all hospitality institutions and participants in India, the UK & the EU.

The concerned institution or candidate requires to provide us with the following participant documents:

  • A comprehensive resume accompanied by a recent photograph of the candidate (in word format only)
  • Cover letter
  • Reference letters from previous employers (at least 2)
  • Degree or diploma certificates
  • Mark sheets
  • Passport pages (first and last)
  • Certificate of proficiency in the English language (IELTS, TOEFL, SLEP, TOEIC etc.) In the event a candidate does not have this certification, s/he will be required to take a free English assessment test accessible on and thereafter forward the results to Vira International.

Once we have received all the applications, an internal candidate evaluation is conducted. Thereafter, details of suitable candidates are forward to our partner hotels in the USA. After the short listing process is completed we will notify the colleges and participants in order to coordinate telephone or Skype interviews. Upon selection, we will share the offer letter, formal job description and details of your remuneration package as well as benefits information received from the future employer.  

This entire process may take between 4-12 weeks, depending upon the job requirements and candidates profile.

For all information and queries, please reach out to us via e-mail at

You may also email your referral names with contact details or send your CV to: or

For additional information please visit our website:

Thursday, 13 October 2016


The usual notion of a Chef is a cook with white hat and apron mainly found inside a restaurant or in the hotel’s kitchen. It’s actually right, but this person is a highly trained culinary professional when it comes to menu planning, cooking, food preparation and presentation as well as being in charge of the complete kitchen. These are just a few of the basic responsibilities of being a chef. In reality, it is a broad career path because in the long run once can shift from being a head chef to a restaurant owner, a culinary administrator or educator and the lists goes on and on.

Skills and Qualities to become a Chef

Being a chef is not that easy. One must have the passion for cooking and a love for food. Basically these are the dynamic duo in an individual’s drive to becoming a successful chef. Aside from these traits, an individual must also possess the following:

  1. Excellent leadership and communication skills
  2. Team Player
  3. Multitasking capability
  4. Creative and Imaginative
  5. Superior standards when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness
  6. Great organizational skills

Steps to becoming a Chef

Having an educational degree is not always a prerequisite to becoming a chef. Many a good chef  have excelled by ‘learning by doing’. Simply possessing a good standard education such as a good command of the English language and basic Math skills are great building blocks in pursuing a culinary career path. The following steps will guide you accordingly:

  • Acquiring a kitchen job in the hotel or restaurant

Having the basic know-how on how the kitchen in a restaurant or hotel works or operates is really important to become a chef.  In the beginning, this may involve washing dishes, throwing garbage and basically doing the ‘dirty’ kitchen chores. However, what’s important is getting ample experience by interacting with professional chefs in the kitchen, because you will be able to learn new cooking methods and tricks of the trade. Because the world of cuisine is continuously evolving and being up to date is essential.

  • Obtaining a High School Diploma

Before enrolling in a culinary school or even an apprenticeship, it is an essential for you to have high school diploma. A fair comprehension of the English language and basic Math will help you go along the way.

  • Getting a Formal Education at a Culinary School

There are different program offers for one to achieve their dream or of being a chef de cuisine. The course duration is between one and four years. The certification can be an associate or bachelor’s degree or a diploma. Though it’s not a necessity, it will definitely give you the edge in your field especially if your aiming for a senior culinary position with great responsibilities.

  • Gaining Valuable Experience

After studying or completing a formal education at a culinary school, it is necessary to put theory into practice. Training and working under a qualified professional chef will surely hone your skills and knowledge. This opportunity will also widen your professional network.

  • Certification

Obtaining certification or proof of specialization isn’t really required, although it’s always an advantage and provides fillip to career advancement and better remuneration.

Different Culinary Chef Titles

  1. Sous Chef is the head chef’s assistant in the kitchen
  2. Chef de Partie is the chef who supervises a specific area of production
  3. Executive Chef/Head Chef/Chef de Cuisine is the individual who manages all the kitchen activities related to the kitchen such as menu planning, food quality, cost, presentation, kitchen inventory and managing culinary staff.
  4. Commis chef is also known as chef in training or basically a trainee in the kitchen. The Commis works under the supervision of a Chef de Partie, to learn each production area in the kitchen.

All kitchens have a traditional Brigade system. The Brigade also consists of Chef’s who specialize in a certain production process or cuisine. A few titles are, Chef de Patisserie, Chef de Garde Manger, Saucier, Chef de Poisson etc.

Work Opportunities

In our ever changing, hectic world there is an increasing tendency towards formal eating out as well as enjoying a relaxed meal at a Café or Bistro. Recent studies have revealed that there is a huge lack of skilled chefs in the UK.  Once you are a qualified chef you can enjoy working across a broad spectrum of hospitality establishments like hotels, restaurants, cafés, wine bars as well as in education.

Remember if you love food and have the passion for cooking, pursue your dream of becoming a Chef!

For more information on Internship, job recruitment and advice feel free to visit our website at

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Indefinite Leave to Remain in UK

Indefinite Leave to Remain status (ILR) also known as Permanent Residency or (PR) is an immigration status granted to a person who does not hold the right to stay in the United Kingdom (UK), but who has been issued a temporary visa with a time limit to reside and have the permission to work or study with certain restrictions. Persons who have legally stayed in the UK can apply for PR, once they have completed the qualifying period. This status although termed Permanent Residency lapses if the holder has stayed outside the United Kingdom for a continuous period of more than two years.

Categories qualifying for UK PR, having stayed in the UK for a specific period of time, usually 5 years, may apply for an ILR which entitles them to live in UK as long as they wish and eventually even apply for naturalization. The processing time and requirements for the ILR vary depending on the visa class that an applicant has immiditly prior to their application.
Visa Class
Below is a table for the visa status/class with the corresponding required length of stay in the United Kingdom as one of the requirements to qualify for an ILR application.
Current Visa Status/ ClassRequired Years of Stay
Unmarried Partner5
EEA Family Permit5
Work Permit5
HSMP (closed)5
People establishing business5
Writers, Composers, Artists5
Legal stay on any basis10
Illegal stay on any basis14
Language and Awareness Requirements

Aside from the visa class, in order to be eligible ILR applicants require proficiency in the English language as well as have knowledge of living in the United Kingdom. Applicants who are under 18 years of age or above 65 are exempted from this requirement.

Cost of Indefinite Leave to Remain Application

Effective the 6th of April 2016, the application fees have been raised from £1500 to £1875 per person. Dependents also pay the same fees. The premium application fee (meaning there is an in-person appointment) has been raised from £1900 to £2375.

Advantages of having an Indefinite Leave to Remain status

Being an ILR status holder, an individual enjoys the following advantages:

  • Acquisition of British Citizenship not only for themselves but also for their children, if applicable under certain conditions and requirements.

  • The holder will also have the right to access public funds. Unlike those of the Limited to Remain (LTR) visa in the United Kingdom, the wording” no recourse to public funds” is not written in an ILR holders’ visa. As a result they are able to claim job seekers allowances and other benefits which are usually available only to British, EU and EEA citizens.

  • Have the advantage of paying the same tuition fees as those of British, EU and EEA citizens (also known as Home Student Status) whilst studying at institutions of higher education in the UK, as opposed to paying substantially higher tuition fees like International Students with a LTR.

  • ILR citizens are UK residents and enjoy the right to vote and stand for election to a public office.

Conditions of Indefinite Leave to Remain

An important reminder: Once an individual has been granted an ILR, ensure that you do not spend 2 years or more outside the United Kingdom, as this can lead to the ILR being revoked. In order to surmount this challenge, migrants are eligible to apply for British Citizenship after 1 year as a permanent resident or after 1 year of being granted an ILR status.

Vira International provides end to end immigration services for ILR application. Our service starts from the initial phone or email enquiry right until your visa approval. For further information please email or

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How Hospitality Recruitment Works

Skill Assessment

Hospitality recruitment agencies and organizations serve as a very important link between employers and candidates in the hospitality industry. They help candidates enhance their career path, skills and abilities as well as guide the complete administrative process.

In order to select the best suited candidates for available positions, various skill based appraisals and assessments are conducted by the recruitment organization. This serves as a candidate feedback tool as well as provides an accurate overview of the effectiveness of the candidate for the particular position. The hospitality industry offers a wide spectrum of positions, a few of which are mentioned below:

  1. Food & Beverage which includes positions like, Waiters & Waitresses, Sommeliers, Bartenders, Hosts & Hostesses, Restaurant Managers, Catering Executives, Banquet Managers.
  2. Lodging includes: Front office personnel, Doormen, Housekeeping and Laundry staff as well as Office Support functions.
  3. Culinary includes: Chefs, Sous Chefs, Specialty Chefs, Kitchen Managers and all ancillary food production positions.
  4. Hotel Operations includes: General & Executive Assistant Managers, Corporate Controllers, Senior Accountants, Credit Managers, Financial Analysts, Purchasing Director, IT Directors, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing Managers, among others.

Additionally, there are hospitality recruitment agencies which offer in-depth psychometric appraisals for C-Level positions like Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and senior management positions as these roles require an enhanced level of ability, performance and education as compared to less senior positions.

The Hospital industry is a service oriented discipline hence a thorough and competent screening of the talent pool is extremely essential.  Recruits are made acutely aware of the importance of their tasks which include courtesy, impeccable behaviour, positive body language, professional decorum, a genuine concern for the comfort, safety, the overall well-being of customers and the importance of good communication skills within the front and back of the house environments.

Further Assistance offered to Applicants

Once the candidate has successfully completed their aptitude test and general appraisal the recruitment organization assists with coaching and preparing the candidates for job interviews to ensure their success in the selection process. Job descriptions, contractual terms and conditions of employment which include wages, benefits like medical services, sick leave, vacation entitlements as well as incentives and rewards are communicated.

Furthermore, recruitment agencies guide and assist applicants with their documentation, like visa applications, work permits, specific information on embassy interviews, travel arrangements and where applicable, relocation services.

 Candidates are urged to thoroughly research the credentials of the recruitment organization they wish to use.  It is best to check the certification and accreditation of the agency as well as their registration details with the Bureau of Labour. This ensures that the candidate does not fall victim to any nefarious business practices.

Hospitality recruitment organisations charge fees for services rendered. The amount varies and can be as much as 35% of a candidate’s offered salary. To avoid any ambiguity it is prudent to understand and clarify the financial aspects of your transaction with the recruitment agency.

Most recruitment agencies are contactable via the internet and have the required capabilities to help you find the best available jobs in the Hospitality industry.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Scams Unscrupulous Employers and What You Need to Know About Tier 2 Visas and Work Permits

Whilst the majority of people going to the UK on a Tier 2 visa andwork permit do so without problems, there are a significant number who have been the victim of some unscrupulous companies. This has cost some people dearly, in time, money and even having their work permit and visa withdrawn and having to leave the UK.

It’s vital that anyone who is considering going to work in the UK does so with as much knowledge as possible, enabling them to find a suitable job with a good employer through a trustworthy and reputable agency. Some of the issues to look out for include: 

Fake websites – In 2012 the UKBA (UK Border Agency) issued a warning about a number of frauds targeting people wanting to work in the UK. There are always websites springing up offering fake UK jobs. People who then apply are then told that their application is successful and then taken to a page where they are told they are required to pay for their Tier 1 or 2 visa and work permit. As soon as payment is made, the applicant never hears from the website again, and often soon disappears, leaving them out of pocket and without a job, visa or work permit. 

Telephone scams – These work in the same way as the website scams and instead of a website, people are contacted over the telephone with the offer of a job and are then asked to pay a fee to the company. As soon as this fee is paid, the applicant never hears from the company again, and like in the website scam, is left out of pocket without a job, visa or work permit.

Are you working for an unscrupulous employer? 

The potential problems don’t end once you have a sponsor, job, visa and work permit. There are countless cases of unscrupulous sponsors not following the rules and mistreating applicants in terms of salary and not processing their visa and work permits correctly. When considering a sponsor, all applicants should consider the following: 

Certificate of sponsorship and reference number 

This isn’t an actual certificate but a reference number which is unique and holds all the information about the job in question and all of your personal details. Your sponsor MUST provide you with one of these. You will need to add this to your application form when applying for your Tier 2 visa.

If you’re currently working in the UK and don’t recall having one of these, you should contact your sponsor straight away. If they can’t provide one, you could be working illegally.

Appropriate Salary

On a Tier 2 application, the job you are offered must pay at least £20,500. There are exceptions to this, but none that should realistically affect chefs or other skilled staff in the catering trade.

Some dubious agencies sponsors pay a salary of £20,500 or more, but then take a monthly fee from this. This is wrong. The salary of £20,500 should be paid AFTER such deductions. If you are not being paid £20,500 (before tax and national insurance deductions), then you may be working for sponsor that is not following UK government guidelines and your indefinite leave to remain in the UK may be under threat. 

The solution

By far the best way to ensure your Tier 2 application goes through smoothly and you end up with a sponsor and job that is suitable and matches your skills, needs and requirements, is to use the specialist help of an OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) registered company such as ourselves at Vira.

You can be assured that your Tier 2 application will be treated with the utmost care by highly trained advisors. Remember we have been successfully working in this sector for 40 Plus Years. 

If you are currently working in the UK and suspect that your sponsor may not be following UK government guidelines and are worried about the validity of your visa and work permit, then you should contact ourselves straight away. We can guide you through the Tier 2 Priority Service. With this, you can get a decision within 10 working days on your visa, and ensure that your remain to leave in the UK is legal and with a sponsor that is suitable and law-abiding. 

For more information please call us on 0870 9909007 or email us

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Our Immigration and Sponsorship Services Explained

With some of the biggest and best global companies being clients of ours, we are India’s leading international recruitment, staffing and training company. As well as offering our recruitment services across all of India’s major metropolitan areas, we also service the UK, the USA, Canada and a selection of the Gulf States. We have been established for many years in the UK in particular, and work with a wide range of businesses supplying an array of high calibre staff.


With rigorous selection processes and the best and brightest candidates in the industry, we are able to offer a full recruitment service in a range of hospitality areas, including:

Hotels and resorts – In the UK we work with some of the largest chains as well as some of the most exclusive independent boutique hotels. With a longstanding and proud reputation in this sector, we are capable of providing a wide range of staff of the very highest calibre, from domestic staff through to skilled chefs and management.

Restaurants – With many years’ experience of providing staff to restaurants across the UK, from small family run concerns to some of the country’s most exclusive and best known establishments. We are able to provide the very best managers, chefs, waiting on staff and kitchen assistants.

Working with our clients, we identify their precise needs and provide them with specialized recruitment solutions that are both timely and in-line with their requirements. We work with some of the leading hotel chains and hospitality companies around the world and are able to supply candidates with a range of different skills and experience, and will ensure that candidates are suitably qualified.

We are able to assist our clients with a range of immigration advice and services, including:

• Tier 1 – investors/entrepreneurs/exceptional talent
• Tier 2 – skilled workers with a definite UK job offer
• Tier 3 – low skilled workers
• Tier 4 – student visas
• Tier 5 – temporary workers/youth mobility
• Indefinite leave to remain
• Citizenship

For clients that are providing their own candidate and wish to use our immigration and sponsorship services, we will charge only for the services provided. However, we would recommend that candidates are sourced through ourselves, meaning that we can look after the entire process for you and ensuring that the whole process is as easy and as efficient as possible.

For this, there will be a recruitment fee charged, but you can rest assured that any candidate sourced by ourselves has been through a rigorous selection procedure, and has been carefully handpicked to meet your exact requirements.

For more information on both our recruitment and immigration and sponsorship services, please call us on 0870 9909007 or email us at We will be delighted to answer any queries that you may have.

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7 Traits to Consider in Choosing the Right Recruitment Consultant

As the demand for headhunters and recruitment consultants rises, progressively more individuals are initiating their career in the recruitment industry. For job-seekers out there, it has turned into a challenge to find the right recruiter, one that will comprehend the need and give the employment one wishes.

Periodically, your resume is tossed into the heaps of more resumes. You will be considered as one of them. However, that is not what you require. You require a recruitment consultant who will help you with your choices, give you a sound opinion and deal with your needs. You require consultants who will genuinely help you, not the one who just has the customers' best concern at heart.

7 Traits of Recruitment Consultants

To help find and choose the right consultant, we have listed 7 traits you ought to consider.

  1. Shows a genuine interest in you
Most of the time, you are just a name in their database, someone who they will include in their short list if your eligibility meet the needs of their client. They won't think about you until there's a need to get in touch with you. However a good recruitment consultant is the one, who will take much time to get to recognize you, your requirements and your skills even before there is an employment opportunity. They would need to keep you in their valuable side and be accessible once there is a good prospect.

  1. Knowledgeable about the market
The right consultant knows which job is suitable for you. Most recruitment consultants acknowledge clients without adequate knowledge so, they couldn't give their candidates the full story. These folks will just offer you the standard job expectations with no thought of what they're really about. A great recruitment expert knows the market of the business and the business in general.

  1. Understands the demands of the client
They don't simply guarantee you and give you high belief in your fantasy job. They will let you know what the client needs. You can believe them, to be honest. Most experts will overstate and overpromise to make sure they can have somebody who is sufficiently able to go to the interview. A great recruitment consultant will brief you about the requisites of the clients. They will even let you know the things that their client didn't specify which means they know the actual requirements of the position. And you'll be very much educated.

  1. Gives you sound advice
They are your experts, after all they will offer you their support. They will give you a thought of what you are entering yourself into. They're not simply somebody who will reach you with an anonymous client. They will take an ideal opportunity to let you know about the openings in the organizations matching your profile.

  1. Manage your hopes and ideals
Some will ride you on the false beliefs of a job, give you a false impression that you are in, for the long run. A great recruitment expert will let you know where you are in their database, what your choices are. They'll let you know whether your expected remuneration is too high or excessively unattainable.

  1. Open to your questions
Some recruitment advisors will give you the blind spot. They won't let you know everything, you'll just discover once you've settled into the position. A great recruitment expert will clarify all your doubts, gives you the real picture and fulfill your dreams.

  1. Return your calls
Most advisors just reject you until the time they require you. You won't know whether they have actually gone through your resume. Yet, a great recruitment advisor will give back your calls. Calls are the most straightforward approach to demonstrate you that they give it a second thought and they are willing to take time to get to know you.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Why Engage a Food Service Consultant

These days, guests frequent new restaurants to try new foods and different cuisines with which they are not familiar. People are attracted by a good ambience as well as good food. A food service consultant can add immense value creating unique concepts and help entrepreneurs enhance customer experience.

The intelligent diner today is demanding healthy choices. Restaurant consultants can help you design a menu keeping this in mind, highlighting lighter options and allergens. A consultant can also create a master recipe manual, which is a compilation of standardized recipes (SOP’s), required ingredients, portion sizes and detailed production methods. The manual will also have photographs for training purposes which will help you scale up quickly and effectively keeping portions and costs under control. The manual will also include ingredient sourcing and specification from reliable vendors. The point is to deliver reliable and consistent profits.

Most consultants undertake kitchen operating procedures and the location and positioning of your kitchen equipment. So, you can have optimum efficiency in plate to table delivery. The consultant can also give you suggestions on adding supplementary kitchen equipment and organize staff training for using & maintaining the equipment.  They provide guidance on other areas like food handling and safety regulations.

We advise you to visit the websites of consultants to see their range of expertise and experience and their associates and outsourced vendors such as a  design team for creative, logos and collaterals, PR and marketing, brand development and strategy, interior designers, bar innovations, development chef etc.

Food service consultants who are chefs know the challenges you will face so they will be able to advise you properly. In case your restaurant is struggling, they can help you identify the problem areas and find solutions.

The right food consultant is an efficient and cost effective way to a successful food business.  They bring in expertise, knowledge and a fresh and candid approach with no hidden agendas.  It is in their interest to make your business grow.

Vira International has several years of experience working with Entrepreneurs and restaurateurs in conjunction with food consultants, for new projects as well as rejuvenating old businesses.  We would be happy to recommend a reliable and experienced consultant who can assist you in areas you need advice and guidance in. For more details, email !

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Culinary Management vs. Culinary Art

Culinary Management
Culinary management works behind the scenes and manages the kitchen, venue and facility. Culinary managers take care of daily tasks of dining establishments including kitchen management, working with chefs to create an array of menu options, promoting good customer relations, managing supplies in the kitchen and overseeing general upkeep of the restaurant.
This programme covers restaurant management and culinary business. Students here also study about:
Contemporary/Modern Cuisine
Being up-to-date with latest food trends is of utmost importance, in order to manage a restaurant successfully. This subject gives extensive awareness about the emerging trends in cooking and provides better understanding of fine dining.
Managing Dining Rooms
Dining room operations have various aspects, hence, students are trained on how to manage this room efficiently. And this includes managing the chefs, servers, and the rest of the staff working in the dining & kitchen area. This not only teaches students to work best with available resources but also generates capabilities to obtain bigger profits.
Management of Food Service
This is where one learns to manage food costing and other relevant areas of food service. By learning good strategies, the students are able to rise above all the challenges related to food service management.
For a profitable food business, students are given some knowledge of accounting. As a culinary management degree holder, there's a chance that restaurants may give the task of handling taxes and balancing the books. Hence, this is one of the important skill to learn.
Culinary Arts
Culinary art is an exciting field and can prove to be a very successful career. Food is something that draws the love and appreciation of every person. It is something that adds soul in everyday life. Culinary art gives a wide spectrum where students can concentrate on cooking delectable meals, creating new recipes, and making luscious fancy desserts. It’s all about being innovative and offering ‘amazing’ on the table.
This field is deemed to be both science and art. It’s a multi-faceted turf, allowing students to test and enhance their cooking skills and most importantly, learn to acknowledge the trend and immerse in it.  When it comes to culinary arts cooking curriculums, there are courses designed for students to acquire a certificate/degree in this field. The programs help students to develop their cooking talents and boost their passion, in order to create a successful career out of it.
There are many careers to explore after earning a culinary arts degree:
  • Chef (private, executive, or fine dining)
  • Baker
  • Desserts or pastry chef
  • Food and beverage director
Eventually, be it culinary management or art, both field offers loads of benefits for students who would like to delve into the art and science of food preparation and other relevant areas. Both careers will never go out of fashion, seeing the trend of rising dining & cuisine industry. The best piece of advice for students looking up to make a great career in either of these – ‘join a good institute’. As an institute can have a great impact on culinary career.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Hospitality Internship Programme in USA

Vira International is a renowned name in the hospitality recruitment industry globally, with over 40 years of experience in the business. We have upheld our reputation for providing honest advice and unparalleled services.
Our Hospitality Internship Programme in USA, is a huge opportunity for all those applicants who wish not only to enhance their career but also to gain a remarkable experience in the finest properties around USA. We recruit interns and trainees for our prominent clients for 12 months placement on J-1 visa, around the year.
This internship will give applicants an exposure to direct their careers in their chosen fields in the Hotel Industry. They will be able to experience a new culture and will learn business and work ethics in a professional environment in USA. The applicants will gain confidence and be able to overcome challenges they experience in their career. This will certainly lead to a better understanding of International standards and the industry they will be working in. Having completed the internship, applicants will have experienced an independent working environment with a focused goal to deliver    a higher level of productivity, and thus add value to a successful professional career.
Suitable for:
Hospitality professionals with Diploma/Degree in Hotel Management and a minimum of one year’s experience in their relevant field with good English communication skills both verbal and written.
Benefits of this Programme:
A programme like this can benefit the applicants in many ways. The applicants will get a complete practical training which will allow them to develop their interpersonal skills and to keep pace with industry growth. The applicants get an opportunity to travel that enhances their cultural experience, taking them on a whole new professional journey. The programme is a great building block for a successful career in Hospitality Management.
Current opportunities available with our host companies in USA.
ClientDepartmentNo. Of Position                     
Renaissance ConcourseFood & Beverage
Culinary Arts
Front Office
Radisson OrlandoCulinary Arts5
Sheraton, FloridaCulinary Arts4
JW Marriot, TexasFront Office3
Benchmark  Hospitality TexasCulinary Arts10
La Cantera, TexasCulinary Arts40
Jackson Marriot, MississippiFront Office3
Great Wolf Lodge

Culinary Arts
Hospitality Management Trainee
Hospitality Management Trainee

Chatham Bars Inn, MassachusettsCulinary Arts10
For those applying for the first time:
Applicants selected for this programme will earn a stipend in between $1300 - $1700 per month.
Interested applicants for this program can register themselves by emailing their CV’s to
For more information visit our website .
For those who have already applied:
If you have registered for this program before, you can take part in our $100.00 referral scheme!  All you need to do is refer your friends for an Internship with La Cantera or other opportunities, and you will be eligible for $100.00**for every applicant you refer.               
Email your referral names with contact numbers or send the CV and further information to: or